Bees / Wasps & Mosquitoes

Quick Kill Exterminating Co. has service programs designed to keep your exterior pest free during the warm months of spring, summer, and fall. These treatment plans will allow our clients to enjoy their outdoor spaces without nuisance pests disturbing them all summer long.

Season-long Bee/Wasp Service:

Season-long bee/wasp programQuick Kill Exterminating Co. offers this service plan to anyone that is troubled by the threat of stinging insects. Our Season-long bee/wasp program includes an initial exterior treatment in the spring or early summer, an additional preventative application later in the season, and the eradication of any bee or wasp infestation. Our season-long guarantee will also cover any necessary follow-up services at no additional cost.

Mosquito Protection Service:

Mosquito abatement programQuick Kill Exterminating Co. offers a mosquito abatement program. Many species of mosquitoes are known carriers of viruses and diseases. This program involves power misting of harborage areas where mosquitoes rest during the day. Our targeted treatments will greatly reduce mosquito populations and minimize the risk of being bitten by these unwanted pests. A licensed technician will initially perform the necessary application in early spring to immediately reduce mosquito populations. He will then routinely return throughout the summer to ensure successful results.

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