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Skunks are annoying, smelly, destructive, and potentially dangerous pests. They often live and breed in urban environments. Skunks commonly find shelter under decks, sheds, and porches. They are typically mild-mannered, but when threatened can spray and emit an awful odor that lasts for days or weeks if this occurs in an enclosed area. Dog owners can find them particularly problematic since a pet may corner a skunk in their yard resulting in a very unpleasant experience for the dog and its owner. These animals also can significantly damage lawns in the pursuit of grubs which is a staple in their diet. Unfortunately, skunks can also carry rabies and many other unpleasant diseases. They are a variety of nuisance wildlife whose presence should be a concern to any property owner. Fortunately, Quick Kill Exterminating Company offers effective services to trap and remove skunks and the problems and risks associated with their presence.

Our Solution:

Quick Kill Exterminating Company offers a program for skunks that includes an initial inspection and assessment of the problem. Our experienced technicians will determine the best locations for trapping and install trap sets as needed. A licensed professional will return each day to reinspect, service the trap set(s), and remove any non-domestic animals that are caught. (Any domestic animal that is accidentally caught would be promptly released.) Once the problem is resolved, our wildlife experts will remove the traps and give advice to help prevent future skunk issues.

Our Long-term Exclusion Plan:

Quick Kill Exterminating Company offers exclusion services to stop skunks from burrowing under decks, sheds, and porches. These services include the installation of durable construction materials around these areas and a two-year warranty covering the exclusion materials and installation as well as any trapping services needed in the areas serviced.


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