The Problem


Raccoons are quite common in urban environments and they are usually not a problem as long as they nest in natural outdoor locations. However, raccoons often break through screens or tear open holes to access attics and other potential nesting sites seeking shelter. Once they are inside, they can be extremely noisy and can cause an enormous amount of damage. Quick Kill Exterminating Company offers effective services to trap and remove raccoons from your home or business.

Our Solution:

To resolve a raccoon problem, our experienced technicians will determine their entry points, find the best locations for trapping, and install trap sets as needed. A licensed professional will return each day to reinspect, service the traps, and remove any non-domestic animals that are caught. (Any domestic animal that is accidentally caught would be promptly released.) Once the problem is resolved, our wildlife experts will remove the traps and offer advice and repair services to help prevent future raccoon issues.

Our Long-term Exclusion Plan:

Quick Kill Exterminating Company offers repair and exclusion services to stop raccoons and other wildlife from accessing buildings through attic vents, chimneys, and other potential entry points. These services include the installation of durable construction materials in strategic locations and a two-year warranty covering the exclusion materials and installation as well as any trapping services needed in the areas serviced.


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