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Pantry Pests

Few things are more disconcerting than having pests infest in food sources. Unfortunately, insects such as Indian meal moths and various types of grain beetles do just that. These pantry pests are often unknowingly imported in packages of products like cereal, flour, pasta, rice, and dry pet food. They lay eggs in and around these hearty food supplies, and when their larva hatch they feed on the available sustenance. The larva soon morph into adults prepared to reproduce and compound the problem. Contact Quick Kill Exterminating for professional pest control advice and treatment to combat these annoying pests.

Our Solution:

Our pest control experts recommend removing all open packages of food and quarantining all stored food products by organizing them into tightly sealed containers. For Indian meal moth issues, several pheromone lure traps will be installed to capture the adult moths. In the case of heavy infestations, it may be necessary to completely empty a pantry or cabinet for a thorough treatment. Using these effective methods, a Quick Kill professional will diminish their populations and once again create a sanitary environment for food storage.

Our Pest-Free Plan:

Understanding pantry pests pose a constant threat to our homes and businesses, Quick Kill Exterminating Co. offers a comprehensive program to help keep your property pest free all year long. Our routine maintenance plans guarantee an exceptional level of service and continual peace of mind.


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