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Mosquito abatement program

Mosquitoes are an annoying and potentially dangerous pest. They breed in stagnant water that inevitably pools in and around homes and businesses. Depending on the species, female mosquitoes can hunt during the day or at night for a blood meal that is necessary for their body’s reproductive processes. This activity can cause an irritating environment in our outdoor spaces as mosquitoes pester us while we attempt to enjoy time outside during spring, summer, and fall. Mosquito bites typically cause an itchy, red bump that lasts for days. However, the real concern is their capacity to carry serious diseases like Zika and West Nile Virus. Fortunately, Quick Kill Exterminating Company offers several effective options to minimize these nuisance pests and the risks associated with high mosquito populations.

Our Solution:

Quick Kill Exterminating Company offers an effective mosquito treatment that includes a thorough inspection of the service location, recommendations for minimizing stagnant water, and a power misting treatment to eradicate current mosquito populations. The power misting treatment will focus primarily on the shaded harborage areas where mosquitoes are most likely to spend their time.

Our Mosquito Abatement Plan:

Since mosquitoes pose a constant threat, Quick Kill Exterminating Company offers mosquito abatement plans to suit any need. Routine treatments throughout the warm seasons will offer relief from annoying mosquitos, minimize the risks associated with their bites, and allow our clients to enjoy their outdoor spaces to the fullest. These programs provide exceptional results and come with an ongoing warranty to ensure complete satisfaction.


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