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The Problem


These rodent trespassers often enter buildings in search of a warm, safe shelter in which to nest and breed. They typically will spend most of their time in quiet, dark, out-of-the way places such as crawlspaces, attics, storage rooms, and utility closets. From these harbors, they will venture out at night into other areas in the structure searching for food and other resources. Signs of an infestation include any of the following: droppings, gnawing (often on food or packaged goods), hearing rustling or scratching behind walls or above ceilings, and obviously a mouse sighting. One thing to keep in mind is that any sign of mice is typically indicative of at least a mild infestation because mice are seldom loners. With that in mind, the best thing to do is to contact Quick Kill Exterminating Co. to have a local professional solve the problem.

Our Solution:

Quick Kill Exterminating Co. offers a quick and efficient answer that will take care of all of the rodents infesting your home. Our “Two-Visit Program” consists of a Quick Kill pest control professional coming out within one business day to immediately start getting the problem under control, a follow up visit seven to ten days later, as well as a thirty day guarantee. Upon arrival, our technician will inspect your home for signs of mice and clues as to where they may be hiding. He will set baits and traps in strategic locations such as attics, crawlspaces, utility rooms, and storage areas. This method will put the products in places where the mice are likely to fall prey to them and keep them safely away from children and pets. We will also perform an exterior inspection to search for holes and structural discrepancies that allow mice entrance. Our follow up visit will include a thorough investigation of all of the places that were previously treated and a detailed report of what we find. At this point, our technician will pick up all used materials and replace them with new products to stand as a preventative measure for the future.

Our Pest-Free Plan:

Understanding that pests such as mice pose a constant threat to our homes and businesses, Quick Kill Exterminating Co. offers a comprehensive program to help keep your property pest free all year long. Our routine maintenance plans guarantee an exceptional level of service and continual peace of mind.


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