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Since 1990, Quick Kill Exterminating Co. has been serving the North Shore and Northwest suburbs of Chicago with state of the art pest control and unmatched customer service. As a family owned business, we are committed to providing professional, prompt, and reliable service. Our mission is to protect you and your home or business from unwanted pests.

Quick Kill Exterminating Co. offers a variety of corrective treatments as well as various maintenance programs designed to eradicate your pest problems and provide you with continual peace of mind. Our technicians are trained to provide the very best in structural pest control while remaining environmentally responsible.

Quick Kill Exterminating Co. is licensed and certified by the Illinois Department of Public Health and is a proud member of the National Pest Management Association, Illinois Pest Control Association, Greater Chicago Pest Management Alliance, and the Glenview Chamber of Commerce.

What our customers say


Andrea K.

They are amazing. Prompt and effective.


Thomas N.

Amazing service. Mark came out the same day to resolve a yellow jacket infestation. He was friendly, courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions and resolved the issue. I’m glad I found this company and would highly recommend.



Called them about carpenter ants and they came out same day and took care of the issue. Don’t hesitate to call them. Family owned and operated business. Great people and great service. Wish more companies were this pleasant to deal with.



So awesome! I called this company on a Sunday afternoon for a bee problem and they called me back within a half hour and came Monday morning. Problem fixed right away and in such a professional and friendly manner. Highly recommend!!!


Jacob A.

What a great company! Reliable honest work, on time, professional, and they get the job done well. Pleasant staff and can get you on the schedule the day of or next. Will continue to use any time a pest problem arrives!



Absolutely amazing! The technician was friendly, professional and on time. From start to finish EXCELLENT service. I highly recommend Quick Kill, you will not be disappointed!


Brad and Andrea M.

Super quick service, caught a bunch of wasp nests and was incredibly convenient. Believe the reviews.


Coleen F.

Called this morning and Jon came out early this afternoon, right on time when the appointment was. From the beginning he was providing great service… He was even mindful of taking off his shoes since it was raining out, and was super friendly. Asked good questions, talked to us about what we have seen and some options. He was focused on the job at hand and the service he provided. I was so glad to realize from talking to him it’s a local, family owned business.


Robert P.

Excellent service. Used online form for service request, they called me about 10 minutes later and even though I did not have any emergency I had a technician come in 15 minutes later and take care of the wasp nest. Pretty cool! Tim was great and explained everything and I did not see any more wasps actually several hours later.


Verne A.

Used them for ants and hornets – always got the job done first time with no problems. Fast and courteous service.


Mary S.

So far so good. Very pleased with their customer service, I called on a Wednesday morning and by 2pm someone was at my house. The tech Mike was very professional and walked me through the whole process of removing the yellow jacket wasp nest he found. It’s been a few hours since treatment and not one single wasp flying around!! I highly recommend them.

We are proud to be members of and associated with:

Illinois Pest Control Association
National Pest Management Association
Glenview Chamber of Commerce
Greater Chicago Pest Management Alliance

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