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Common Pests

The Problem:

Seasonal PestsSeasonal pests such as lady bugs and box elder bugs can often become problematic in autumn. As temperatures cool from their summer highs, these insects seek a warm shelter to protect them through the winter months. They are commonly found on the warm and sunny portions of exterior walls (typically facing the south and west), and as the weather turns against them they will work their way into a structure through cracks and crevices along windows, siding, and doors. Once inside, these bugs spend the winter hiding in wall voids and annoyingly resurface in the spring. A Quick Kill Professional can protect your property from these unwanted guests.

Our Solution:

Our pest control experts have an effective treatment for lady bugs and box elder bugs. Your Quick Kill specialist will power spray the exterior with an environmentally responsible repellent solution designed to reduce insect populations and drive them away from the building. He will also treat around windows and doors where they tend to congregate. This recommended service also includes a thirty day guarantee to ensure that you are satisfied and pest free.

Our Pest-Free Plan:

Understanding that seasonal pests pose a constant threat to our homes and businesses, Quick Kill Exterminating Co. offers a comprehensive program to help keep your property pest free all year long. Our routine maintenance plans guarantee an exceptional level of service and continual peace of mind.

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