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Fleas can enter homes on pets or because of infected rodents, wildlife, or birds living in close proximity or gaining entrance into attic spaces. These blood feeding insects are well known for causing itchy bites, transmitting diseases, and multiplying very quickly. Adult fleas are only 1/8 inch long and are not easily recognized by the untrained eye. Usually they are not noticed until there is already an established infestation. Contact Quick Kill Exterminating Co. to have a professional pest control technician evict these unpleasant guests.

Our Solution:

Quick Kill Exterminating Co. will perform a thorough treatment of the entire house. It is best for the house to be vacant during this treatment and for several hours after. Our technician will meet the client at the home to learn the nature of the problem. We recommend that all pets be taken to a veterinarian for treatment while the pest control technician services the home. He will treat all carpets and upholstery with a product containing an insect growth regulator (a special additive that disrupts an insect’s life cycle) and pay special attention to acutely problematic areas. This effective plan will have your home pest free very quickly and our service comes with a thirty day guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Pest-Free Plan:

Understanding that pests such as fleas pose a constant threat to our homes and businesses, Quick Kill Exterminating Co. offers a comprehensive program to help keep your property pest free all year long. Our routine maintenance plans guarantee an exceptional level of service and continual peace of mind.


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