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Mosquito Abatement

If we needed another reason to despise mosquitoes, a new virus has emerged called the Zika Virus, which originated in Africa and is prevalent in South and Central America, with Brazil being the epicenter with over 400 cases confirmed and 3600 suspected. The World Health Organization has declared the Zika Virus a “global public health emergency.”
The virus is spread primarily by the bite of Aedes (Tiger mosquitoes), which can bite during the day or night. Mosquitoes become infected when they feed on a person that has the Zika Virus. They can then pass the virus to the next person they bite. So far, the cases in the United States have occurred due to people traveling to affected countries. Symptoms include fever, headache, joint pain, or a skin rash. The biggest concern is the tragic impact on unborn babies and potential for microcephaly, which is the failure of the brain to grow at a normal rate, resulting in below average head size.

There is no treatment for the Zika Virus; therefore, preventing mosquito bites is the only option. Using insect repellants, covering bare skin with clothing, keeping windows and doors closed, and eliminating water where mosquitoes are breeding are all ways to help prevent mosquito bites, and this virus from affecting people. It is also recommended that pregnant women avoid traveling to infected areas.
Quick kill offers mosquito misting which will greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes harboring on your property and minimize the risk of these nasty pests. Call today to schedule your mosquito protection plan for this 2016 season.


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